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Fairy Skin

Premium Brightening Kit

Premium Brightening Kit

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Dive into the transformative journey of skin renewal with Fairy Skin Premium Brightening Kit. Beyond the ordinary, our cleanser offers a gentle yet potent touch, setting a new standard beyond traditional bar soaps. Elevate your skincare routine with our premium serum, designed to illuminate without a hint of irritation. Harnessing the revered power of retinol and infused with nature's finest plant extracts, this set is your answer to a myriad of skin woes – from acne and hyperpigmentation to those persistent dark spots. Crafted for every skin narrative, whether acne-prone, dry, dull, oily, or sensitive, our contemporary formula promises a luminous, rejuvenated complexion. As our set works its wonders, anticipate a natural peeling process, revealing the brilliance beneath.

Key Highlights:

  • Superior Cleansing: Gentle yet effective, transcending the capabilities of traditional bar soaps.
  • Illuminating Serum: A premium blend that brightens without the burn.
  • Potent Ingredients: A fusion of retinol and botanical extracts, targeting diverse skin challenges.
  • Universal Appeal: Tailored for all, from acne-prone and dry to oily and sensitive skins.
  • Contemporary Radiance: A modern touch for a refreshed, glowing visage.
  • Natural Renewal: Embrace the peeling phase as a sign of rejuvenation in progress.


    Fairy Skin Premium Brightening Kit includes:

    1 x Premium Brightening Facial Foam 60ml
    1 x Premium Brightening Exfoliating toner 60ml
    1 x Premium Brightening Serum 20ml
    1 x Premium Brightening Sunscreen 10g

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